Thinking, living, and becoming like Jesus

Discipleship training courses open for anyone who is hungry to grow in friendship with Jesus and more fully step into all he invites us to be and to do. Two Tuesdays a month. Open to anyone.

*IMPORTANT: Due to re-focussing, Feb 5th 2019 will be our last Equip event until further notice. Stay tuned for occasional Equip training events that will occur!


Acts 19 we read that the apostle Paul spent two years teaching disciples in the hall of Tyrannus, in the city of Ephesus. Through this, "all the residents of Asia [modern Turkey] heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks." (19:10).

What was Paul doing in Ephesus that encouraged the spread of the news of Jesus? How were the disciples impacted in their faith, and what difference did this make to how they lived?

One of our core values is that of discipleship - we believe that our call is to make disciples, and that God promises to build his church. At Equip, we gather to teach each other in engaging, interactive, practical, and hands-on approaches for us to know who we are in Christ, and how we can enter into his ministry and mission in the world around us.

EQUIP 2018 / 2019

We have been really prayerfully looking at Equip and have made a number of changes, one of which, is that Equip is now only TWICE a month on TUESDAY evenings now.

We are also doing the sessions as "How to..." in the hopes that these topics will not only be helpful for you on a personal level, but also be done in such a way that you can then also pass this on to people you are discipling. We believe God has called us to raise up disciples of Jesus who make disciples! Everything comes out of intimacy with Jesus.

Sessions are done in English to make room for the many English-speaking Germans and Internationals who are a part of this city.


How to Understand the Bible Better (Nov 13)

How to Strengthen Yourself in God (Nov 27)

How to Walk in your True Identity (Dec 7 & 8. Friday & Saturday seminar in cooperation with Mosaik. More info here.)

How to Exercise your Spiritual Authority (Jan 8)

How to Hear God’s Voice (Jan 22)

How to Walk in the Spirit (Feb 5)


Equip is not just informational but we believe deeply TRANSFORMATIONAL. This is our heart and passion. There are THREE things that are included in every Equip meeting: 1) anointed teaching based on Word of God, 2) the Presence and power of God..this might include worship, prayer, impressions, and leaving room for the Holy Spirit to move, 3) Open authentic community--deeply interactive with space to share with each other. We believe each of these items is key to transformation and discipleship.  


When & Where: 
Tuesdays, twice a month (see dates), 19:00-21:00.
Location: Action House, Bergheimer Str. 80, Heidelberg. 

Anyone is welcome to come anytime!

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